Sarah was incredible to work with! By the time we meet in person, it felt like connecting with an old friend. She was always available to answer questions, listened to our feedback so the trip could be best suited to our wants, she was highly organized and detailed, and is just an amazing and welcoming individual. Being able to have a resource, like Pathways, to advise you on what to see and where to go is so valuable. It takes all the stress of planning and research a way, so that you’re better able to just enjoy the trip and time exploring a beautiful new place.
— tara b. | burlington, vt | self-guided patagonia 2019

Your trip was absolutely perfect. Knowing that you were watching out for us with the calls, updates, maps, etc. is boutique travel at its best. You didn’t know us before arranging this trip for us (and we really are seasoned travelers) which in hindsight tells me how well you listen and do your homework. Every hotel was just perfect. Our favorite 24 hours were at Bård’s!!! Those walks and views will be in our hearts forever.
— anne c. | winter park, fl | self-guided norway 2018

This trip exceeded our expectations! The leaders were wonderful, fun, knowledgable, professional and had a sense of humor too! All of the hotel logistics and transportation were perfectly executed. The day to day adventures were thoughtfully planned and organized with options depending upon the group’s interest and ability. The diversity of activities offered the opportunity to experience the culture and ruggedness of southern Patagonia. I loved learning and exploring the diverse climate and geography in addition to gaining an appreciation for the challenges posed to those living in the bottom of the Southern hemisphere.
— bobbie d. | northbrook, IL | patagonia 2018

We’re still feeling the joy from the week spent with Pathways and all our extraordinary friends - both old and new - and the magical things and places we experienced.
— caroline m. | new haven, VT | dolomites 2017

Pathways did not miss a detail. So attentive from first contact phone call, each step of the trip design, and throughout the adventure. Everything just seamlessly worked.
— robyn s. | newburyport, Ma | Self-guided argentina 2019

Prepare to be amazed and rejoice in the fact that the leader and guides will have thought of every detail to ensure your vacation provides the perfect mix of movement for the body and rejuvenation of the soul.
— tina d. | boulder, CO | dolomites 2017

The thoughtfully planned itineraries and kind, joyful guides truly allowed us to enjoy the destination, the culture, and mountains, and a new place in the world.
— chase m. | denver, co | patagonia 2018

So many good parts, each day was so interesting, crazy ridges, expansive glacial valleys, that view from Glitterind over the glacier was beyond words!
— duncan w. | yarmouth, me | self-guided norway 2018

My overall experience with Pathways was exceptional. The program was very well designed, and the group was wonderful.
— jeanne w. | chicago, IL | TELLURIDE 2017

We like that you are a small company, really dwelling on a few areas that you know well. We didn’t feel like a number but rather a special client!! It seems as if you take the time to know all of your clients!
— phyllis y. | self-guided italy 2018

It was all great.....our guide was really special and very attentive.
— jim s. | st. Louis, mo | patagonia (private trip) 2018

This was truly the trip of a lifetime. Stunning scenery, engaging leaders, beyond comfortable accommodations, and food to die for.
— tom C. | boulder, CO | PATAGONIA 2018

Or trip was fantastic. Your planning and organization was a godsend and you somehow put together the perfect trip for us. We spent 5 days in complete delight at just having to put one foot in front of the other, soaking in the endless views and vistas, and knowing that at the end of the day, we had rooms waiting, warm showers and someone to feed us meals. We are smitten with Norway. We were also amazed at the at the number of glaciers we saw every day. They were on the map but somehow we didn’t realize just how visible and awe inspiring they’d be. In fact, my personal favorite was standing on top of the Glittertinden looking down on a glacier. I never thought I’d experience that in my lifetime.
— josie q. | falmouth, me | self-guided norway 2018

Pathways allows you to experience an incredible place in a totally unique and authentic way that you would not have visiting the same place on your own. The extensive and thoughtful work that is done in advance of the trip in terms of itinerary planning and guide selection shows.
— taylor f. | seattle, WA | patagonia 2018

We hadn’t been away together since 2000. This was definitely my favorite 10 days away together since then and we both felt like we got exercise, ate amazing food, met some really nice people and had a real vacation.
— melissa b. | williamstown, ma | dolomites 2017

Pathways did a great job of keeping us on schedule but never once did I feel like I was on a schedule. It was pure joy the entire trip.

I loved Gianni, he was terrific! I felt so lucky to have had such an accomplished guide. He met all of us all where we were in terms of ability and seemed to evaluate what was appropriate without judgement. He took time with me to connect and really made an effort to learn about me personally. It was lovely to have his daughter and dog join us on the final hike. Brought us all close to the Italian family life experience. I felt honored that he wanted to bring his wife to our final gathering. How lucky were we all to have him be a part of our trip!!
— anne w. | hanover, nh | dolomites 2017

I loved getting to take a back seat on logistics and planning, both in advance and while we were there, and just fully being able to focus on being in the moment and learning about the region and culture.
— taylor f. | seattle, WA | patagonia 2018

It’s not just about hiking. This trip offers a multitude of pathways to enrich your everyday life & travel experience through cultural, culinary, artistic and historical perspectives.
— cynthia r. | englewood, co | telluride 2017

Pathways puts together some truly unique itineraries. I’ve been on the Pathways trips to Italy and now Patagonia - I’ve been beyond impressed with the quality of itinerary, the fun and family-like characteristics of the leaders, and the level of detail that so flawlessly goes into each trip. I’ll be back for another trip next year for sure!
— tom C. | boulder, CO | patagonia 2018

I would have no hesitation to use Pathways for my next trip as they did an excellent job in orchestrating every detail. Don’t delay. Book your trip!
— jim w. | charlotte, vt | dolomites 2017

The visit to the vineyard was my highlight of the trip. Devis was so interesting and cared so deeply about his family’s business and having the whole family there was really special.
— melissa b. | williamstown, ma | dolomites 2017

Patagonia was gorgeous and pathways took excellent care of us!
— pat s. | st louis, mo | patagonia (private trip) 2018

If you are interested in intimate group travel with a passionate nascent adventure travel company, look no further! Pathways has a promising future and I would not hesitate to recommend these hiking trips to anyone who enjoys this type of active travel experience.
— jeanne w. | chicago, il | telluride 2017

Alberto is so connected to his beloved home in the stunning Brenta Dolomites. Having been born and raised there, he is a true local. From the mountains, to the trails, to the food and wine, to the flora and fauna, and - most importantly - to the people and the community, he knows it all! And his energy is nothing short of astounding.
— caroline m. | new haven, vt | dolomites 2017

Wow!! I was beyond impressed by the fluidity and seamlessness of the trip - from feeling the culture to experiencing the mountains and having fun as a group!
— julie d. | denver, CO | patagonia 2018

Fischer was a gem! Great humor, kind, sensitive to all levels of fitness, filled with local knowledge and lore, enthusiastic - truly excellent!
— katie w. | falmouth, me | telluride 2017

Personal caring communications... great accommodations! Good transport logistics! And willingness to tailor to clients’ diverse needs and concerns. Pathways does a great job and obviously you are passionate about your trips and your clients’ experiences.
— phyllis y. | self-guided italy 2018

This was my first ever group trip, so I don’t have anything with which to compare. The experience was really just fabulous. No matter what we did each day, it seemed to flow smoothly. Whatever was happening behind the scenes each day appeared to be seamless to me as a participant.
— Francie R. | hanover, nh | dolomites 2017

Great leadership, guides, organization, destinations and accommodations!
— merrie w. | kingfield, me | dolomites 2017

I traveled with the Pathways organization because I trust Sarah’s dedication to her work, her thorough preparation, her ability to adjust logistics in a pinch when the weather doesn’t cooperate and overall fulfilling her promises to deliver some of the most beautiful sites in the world at a reasonable price.
— melissa b. | williamstown, ma | dolomites 2017

From the short time we were with Gianni, it was clear that he is a unique man. His love of the mountains was evident without him having to say so directly. His knowledge of the geology, botany, animals, water, history was presented so effortlessly, it just seemed like part of the conversation...Quietly and unobtrusively. His interpersonal skills are superb. He clearly wanted the group to succeed, and for us to all be safe.
— francie r. | hanover, nh | dolomites 2017

There was not one detail that was lacking - Pathways has organized this trip with utmost care and every detail is carefully orchestrated. I enjoyed an incredible week and memorable experience. It was a chance to be active, to meet new friends, enjoy the natural world in a way that will provide a memorable lifetime experience for me.
— katie w. | falmouth, ME | telluride 2017

What a fabulous trip! The daily itinerary, guides, accommodations, and food were absolutely top notch.
— Tom c. | boulder, co | dolomites 2017

I have never traveled before with a group in this capacity and I was just so amazed at how great we all got along and getting to know the other travelers really helped to make this an experience I’ll never forget.
— tina d. | boulder, CO | dolomites 2017

The biking was an ideal compliment to the days of hiking. A superb route to ride.
— charlie w. | kingfield, me | dolomites 2017

Loved every bit if it. I think we had a perfect group! I particularly liked the location in Merano. The mountains offered a great introduction. Ottmanngutt was beautiful and so well located in the town.
— anne w. | hanover, nh | dolomites 2017

I always knew I wanted to go to Italy, but I also knew I wanted to avoid the tourist traps and crowded cities. Pathways offered that alternative and I’d go back again in a heartbeat. I’m looking forward to my next Pathways trip to Patagonia!
— Tom c. | boulder, co | dolomites 2017

Pathways does a fantastic job exploring a new country and culture in a way that feels authentic. It was really neat to experience a country thru the eyes of a local guide AND know we were doing fun, authentic activities.
— julie d. | denver, co | patagonia 2018

Gianni is the real deal - an unassuming, extraordinary alpine guide who holds the mountains in his heart. Great knowledge, sense of people and their abilities.
— sue s. | shelburne, vt | dolomites 2017

Pathways rocks. I can’t wait for our next trip!
— caroline m. | new haven, vt | dolomites 2017

Great guides, a well organized, surprisingly diverse itinerary. More fun than you expect.
Fun fellow travelers. Exceptional value.
— charlie w. | kingfield, me | dolomites 2017

Best guide I’d ever experienced on a trip. Filled with knowledge of the area, a skilled hiker, polite, thoughtful, kind, patient, good sense of humor, punctual and fun to be with!
— Cynthia R. | englewood, CO | telluride 2017

My expectations were completely met! Everything seemed to happen without a hitch
— anne w. | hanover, nh | dolomites 2017

The thought, love & effort Pathways has placed in this venture is quite evident.
— stephanie w. | charlotte, vt | dolomites 2017

The guides make or break the trip. Gianni and Alberto were very professional, organized, safe and understood the limits of the group while providing a stimulating agenda.
— charlie w. | kingfield, me | dolomites 2017

My favorite part was being exposed to new places and meeting new people and forming relationships.
— jim w. | charlotte, vt | dolomites 2017

The whole trip was my favorite! And each part for a different reason. The sharing of the experience with people we know and love; being in places where the natural beauty takes your breath away; laughing and learning; feeling and seeing a bit into the souls of people who are passionate about what they do.
— caroline m. | new haven, vt | dolomites 2017

Wow. Ottmanngut was spectacular. Design-wise beautifully done. Very welcoming and relaxing. Food was beautiful, gardens and location could not have been better. I was very comfortable. I don’t think you could have done better!
— anne w. | hanover, nh | dolomites 2017

The trip exceeded anything I could have imagined
— Francie r. | hanover, nh | dolomites 2017