We love to travel for so many reasons.  We travel for the stories. To increase our curiosity. To build bridges. To stay physically & mentally active. To step outside our own world, opening our eyes to the new and different. To gain new perspective. We travel for the friendships that are made on and off the trail. We travel because it makes us happier, smarter and more understanding. We travel to explore & connect. To learn. To relax. To have fun. To discover those hidden, local secrets. To challenge ourselves. We travel not just to taste that delicious Italian wine, but to engage with and learn from the local, multi-generational family who runs the small vineyard.

We travel for the wildflowers, the turquoise lakes, the blue skies, rolling meadows, the snowcapped peaks, big glaciers and all the view points along the way.  We travel for the sore legs at the end of an active day, and that rejuvenated feeling after indulging in a cold beer & a hearty dinner with friends. We travel for the sunset, the people, the shared conversations and the smiles...and for so many other uncountable reasons. 

At Pathways, we believe in living life to the fullest. Every day. And we believe in the immense, positive value of global citizenship. We hope to never stop exploring, connecting with and giving back to the world.

why pathways

PERSONAL, local connections

We work directly with our local contacts, vendors and guides to create the best experiences for our travelers and the communities we engage with along the way. From creating beautiful itineraries to hiring incredible, local trip leaders for our guided trips, to staying in exquisite, boutique accommodations to finding authentic ways to connect with the local communities, we are committed to creating meaningful & engaging experiences.

learning about vineyards in the trentino region
Lake Garda

unique, uncommon itineraries

Travel helps us create and share meaningful stories. We take you to places where few others are going and we do it in a special and customized way, working directly with our local partners on the ground to help craft an unforgettable experience while maintaining a mutually respectful and authentic partnership with these places. 

Our friends on the ground understand our goals and mission and we work together to establish itineraries that you cannot find anywhere else, giving you insider-access and the keys to doors that otherwise wouldn't open.

We Give back & support sustainable travel

We support local communities and people by working with passionate partners and vendors. A generous percentage of our profits each year is given intentionally to local organizations with a focus on helping conserve the hiking trails and supporting small, local businesses.

giving back to hospital in el chalten argentina
Pair of hikers in the Dolomites


We are extra focused on the details and we work diligently to make sure the Pathways experience is as exceptional as possible.

We believe in the value of local learning & discovery – you’ll meet interesting people, learn about the history, culture & art, drink incredible wine, eat regional food and you’ll stay on the map, but off the well-trodden path. We’ll manage the logistics on the ground and provide friendly, interesting insider knowledge to help you more deeply engage with the experience.


Traveling is a wonderful luxury that can transform us in many ways. We set our prices thoughtfully & intentionally to ensure a fair price for you without sacrificing value & authenticity.

We want you to take advantage of the incredible itinerary we’ve created, and we also value relaxation, spontaneity and choice. You’ll have time every day to do your own thing, ending your day with delicious food & wine in your family-run, boutique accommodations.

Chalet Del Sogno at Night
hiking in patagonia

small groups

As one of the smallest in the industry and in keeping with our goals, we intentionally cap our guided group size to 12 travelers so as to keep the experience intimate, focused, authentic and exciting. For our private and self-guided itineraries, you’ll have the flexibility to choose your ideal group size.

The beautiful scenery, interesting towns and historic monuments that you’ll discover with your group are unforgettable. For us, it’s the people – your fellow travelers, enthusiastic guides, knowledgeable and thoughtful partners & all local folks along the way (small vineyard owners, ranch farmers, cheesemakers and artists) – who really make the Pathways experience unique.

Pathways does a fantastic job exploring a new country and culture in a way that feels authentic. It was really neat to experience a country through the eyes of a local guide AND know we were doing fun, authentic activities.
— julie d. | denver, co | patagonia 2018

pathways FOUNDER | Sarah marston

Travel is in Sarah's blood and she's always had a thirst for adventure and passion for connecting with people in her personal and professional life. Growing up, Sarah and her family spent many summers hiking in and getting to know the European mountains. Sarah has spent time abroad in Europe, Africa, South America & Southeast Asia and these experiences have been some of the most meaningful of her life.

Sarah has had over a decade of experience in the travel industry and has worked with some of the most inspiring people. From VBT Bicycling & Walking Vacations to EF Educational Tours to Overland Summers, Sarah has worn many leadership hats ranging from managing operations, logistics, customer relations and recruiting.  

After an impromptu trip with her family to Northern Italy in the summer of 2016 and being inspired by the desire to create something from her passion and experience, the idea for Pathways was born. After this trip, Sarah knew she wanted to share this experience with others and help facilitate and create similar discoveries in other destinations around the world.

The simple yet powerful mission of Pathways is to enhance the lives of our travelers and the local communities we engage with wherever we go. We hope that you'll join us on all the pathways that exist in this big, beautiful world.

Pathways Active Travel Founder Sarah Marston fly fishing in patagonia argentina

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