Our self-guided trips are great for folks who prefer to travel on their own, without the services of a guide. We'll provide you with everything you need to enjoy a local, authentic Pathways experience and the liberty to explore at your own pace. Each itinerary is handcrafted and completely customizable to your preferred travel date, budget and activity level.

Our trip was fantastic. Your planning and organization was a godsend and you somehow put together the perfect trip for us. We spent 5 days in complete delight at just having to put one foot in front of the other, soaking in the endless views and vistas, and knowing that at the end of the day, we had rooms waiting, warm showers and someone to feed us meals. We are smitten with Norway. We were also amazed at the at the number of glaciers we saw every day. They were on the map but somehow we didn’t realize just how visible and awe inspiring they’d be. My personal favorite was standing on top of the Glittertinden looking down on a glacier. I never thought I’d experience that in my lifetime.
— Josie Q. | Self-Guided Norway 2018

why SElf-guided with pathways

we'll handle the details

We have personally traveled to all the places explored in our itineraries and we work closely with our local contacts and friends on the ground to craft unforgettable trips. We've carefully & thoughtfully planned each part of the experience, from daily hiking options to smooth luggage transfers between hotels to the best, local discovery along the way.

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Lake Garda


Even though you won’t have a guide with you, you won’t be completely on your own. We provide you with a customized package of materials - including topographical hiking maps, elevation profiles, detailed route descriptions, travel itineraries, prepaid accommodations, and all sorts of information about the history, culture, geography, cuisine and language of the places you're visiting. We'll make sure that you're set up for a smooth, fun and successful trip.


You can start your trip on any date that works best for you and your travel plans. Once you submit a request for more information about an itinerary, you'll receive a personal phone call from the Pathways team. Together, we’ll chat about your goals for the trip and Pathways will work to customize an itinerary based on your interests, budget & activity level. 

Lake Garda


When you travel independently, you'll naturally engage with the local folks you meet throughout your journey. We'll provide you with detailed information about where you're traveling including historical & cultural information so that you feel prepared and can immerse yourself as much or as little as you’d like. We’ll include a list of local recommendations for the best restaurants, local activities and insider tips for your trip.

expert knowledge & SUPPORT

These places and these trips are near and dear to our heart and while we’ve traveled to every place in our itineraries, we’ve scouted and re-scouted as necessary so that all information is as up-to-date as possible.

For every self-guided trip, we arrange a pre-trip orientation phone call to review your itinerary, the pre-trip logistics, packing list and more. You'll have time to get detailed, personalized answers to all your questions before your trip begins. On the trail, the Pathways staff is always a quick phone call or text away if you ever need help, no matter what time of day or night.

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Lake Garda


We have a variety of trips that we offer to various locations around the world. Each itinerary is capable of catering to a range of activity levels and all are fully customizable. If you see an itinerary you love, but want easier or more challenging options, we can do that. Don’t know what you want? We’ll get to know you and provide inspiration.

If you have an idea for a trip that isn't listed here, please contact us since we're always looking to expand our offerings. Perhaps your dream trip is already in the works…


Where you stay on a Pathways trip is so much more than just where you sleep - it’s an integral part of your experience. We very carefully choose where our groups stay – not just somewhere clean & convenient, but special places with character, warmth and a story. Whenever we can, we try to find historic spots that are family or locally-run and that embrace the local culture and cuisine.

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I loved getting to take a back seat on logistics and planning, both in advance and while we were there, and just fully being able to focus on being in the moment and learning about the region and culture.
— taylor d. | patagonia 2018