Taking care of our world and giving back to the environment and communities we visit are of the utmost importance to us. When you travel with Pathways, you’re gaining a life-changing experience and you’re also giving back to the world. Your impact makes a difference. Here are a few ways in which we’re trying to help:

WE GIVE BACK: after every trip, we donate a portion of the profits to local conservation efforts and communities we visit.

WE GO LOCAL: we work directly with small, local businesses and we hire local guides. This helps make our experiences more authentic and it keeps the support within the communities we explore.

WE WALK LIGHTLY: whenever we hike and wherever we explore, we do our best to leave these places better than we found them, minimizing our footprint as much as possible.


One Tree Planted: We partner with One Tree Planted so that every Pathways traveler - past, present and future - has a tree planted in their name. 

Leave No Trace: We are a community member of Leave No Trace and we donate each year to help protect our favorite natural places.

Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta: After each trip in the Dolomites, we donate a portion of the profits to preserve the lakes, forests, glaciers and wildlife of this mountain nature reserve.

San Miguel Conservation Foundation: After each trip in Telluride, we donate a portion of the profits to help preserve the fragile environment and spectacular beauty of this open space.

Los Glaciares National Park: After each trip in Patagonia, we donate a portion of the profits to support the preservation and protection of this special place that we’re so fortunate to explore.

Norway Trekking Association (DNT): After each trip in Norway, we donate a portion of the profits to the DNT, Norway’s biggest outdoor activities organization that promotes trekking and improving conditions for all who enjoy the country’s outdoor activities.

El Chaltén Hospital: Instead of donating money, our groups bring with them much needed medical supplies to help the local hospital.